Welcome to

the Sacramento Valley Section

Our Membership includes Davis, Sacramento, Woodland, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Folsom and the surrounding areas!

Our 2024-25 Officers Are:

Vice President



Heather Sheridan

(position unfilled)

Wendy Cohen

Michelle Eckard

The 2024 Scholarship Awards and Fundraiser Dinner

was 14 June 2024

Attendees of 2024 scholarship awards and fundraiser event

Thank you Heather Sheridan, for hosting the Scholarship Awards

and Fundraiser Event with Big Assist from Stacey Price!

Thank you Stacey Price for coordinating

the Scholarship Application Review team!

The awards go to:

Deiva Daam

Corine Nicholson

Past Events . . .

Young Engineers Session

Happened on 27 April 2024

STEM Exploration Center for Girl Scouts

Presenters, left to right: Himali Rodrigo, Melinda Safdarzdeh, Michelle Eckard, Camille Fowler & Teresa Wong

Building Helicopters with Camille Fowler and Teresa Wong

Exploring Non-Point Source Pollution in watersheds

Investigating water filtration with Michelle Eckard

Sharon Kimizuka of ATEEM Engineering demonstrates Water Distribution model

Himali Rodrigo and Shanoli Silva explore.